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Thanks for stopping by! Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Leah, freelance Virtual Administrative Consultant and owner of Leah Michelle Creative.


With over a decade in customer service work from sales to logistics to banking, and a BS in Finance I’m confident I’ve mastered the skills needed to work along side you and bring your business to the next level.


…a little back story…


After having our first son we decided what worked best for our little family would be for me to stay home. After the adjustment of a new baby at home and not having to go into a 9 to 5 everyday, I absolutely loved what I was doing! Being able to be home and watch our babies grow and learn in our home is an experience I wouldn’t change. However, there was always this part of me that knew I was leaving a little part of my brain, that loved to be creative professionally, untapped. My love for helping others has been poured into our children solely for the last several years, until I finally found an outlet that would allow me to be home and raise our boys, satisfy my need for a creative outlet and my desire to help my family financially >> insert my new passion >> helping other small business owners and entrepreneurs take back their business by being able to focus their unique skills on growing their business and gaining the time to make memories with their families!

…a little more about me…


Speaking of families, who is this family that I’ve been talking about spending all my time with. My husband, Dan, and I live in NE Washington with our two amazing, sweet, and also wild boys (because, Hey, they’re boys!), Liam and Jackson. They are five and two, so any of you with kiddos around these ages (or can look back and reminisce) know exactly what I’m talking about! So you get when I say they are the reason behind my love addiction for a good iced vanilla latte. Our home is filled with too many succulents (according to my husband) and a love for the Lord!


…a little interested?...


If any of this sparked your interest, you are my kind of people! Let’s talk and see how I can help you grow your business!

Headshots created by Nicole Leanne

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