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Reading is Believing

Find out how I've helped other professionals just like you!

Dr. Amie Mower, DO,
Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

Why Leah's Great...


"I've been a medical doctor going on 4 years now; I know what it's like to be busy and juggle work-life balance. I also know what it's like to have bills paid late, birthdays missed, missed appointments, and breakdowns because a call got disconnected and it took me a week to have the 5-minutes strung together to have time to make that call in the first place... Then recently I heard about a Virtual Assistant. I've been working with Leah just over a month and she is  AMAZING!!! She efficiently and professionally handles any task I've asked of her from helping to manage online returns, to scheduling pet grooming appointments, to canceling unwanted subscriptions, to creating Facebook advertising for our out-of-state rental property. At first I was unsure how much a Virtual Assistant could really help me free up my time so I could spend more time on my top priorities; for me, family, and self-care. But let me tell you having a Virtual Assistant is LIFE CHANGING! I've spent so much more time with my family over the last month, and my kids notice the difference because I'm not as frazzled and irritable. I smile more and am way less stressed. In fact I think I've been less sick this fall because I've had less stress and more time to focus on my needs. But the project I am most impressed with over this last month is when she helped me complete a task I had volunteered for but had absolutely no time to do. If you're a working momma then you know exactly what I'm talking about... the guilt of never having time to help with school projects, or volunteer to assist with the PTA/PTO, or in my case letting everyone else take on the administrative projects. Well finally the guilt got to me and I raised my hand to volunteer to create a welcome packet for new families moving into our area. After all I wanted to be a good neighbor... but immediately after I volunteered I had this panic moment of realizing that I had no time to actually create such a packet. This is where Leah stepped in and delivered BIG! She worked closely with me through texts and emails to shape the project to reflect my vision of what it should look like. Everyone was so impressed with the final product and I felt like I had really stepped up. It was such a good feeling. And in full-transparency I let people know I had assistance with the project from my Virtual Assistant, and no one seemed to judge me. In fact I think they were kinda jealous. :) I am happy to spend the few extra minutes out of my day to write this testimonial for Leah because what she's given me is so much more than the sum of all the extra minutes and hours strung together. I understand that at first it can be hard to hire someone to do what in theory is an "easy" task, but when you're a busy person you have to consider time-value-money... for me what Leah offers me is PRICELESS" -Dr. A. Mower, DO

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